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Come build what matters with us.

EDiS Company’s 112 years of successfully building what matters speaks to the quality and tenacity of those who join the EDiS family. In addition to talent, skill, and work ethic, we look to hire individuals that have what we refer to as the right “people fit.”  More than just co-workers, we are family.

Companies don’t build buildings – people do. As one of the largest construction consulting companies in Delaware, the work we do impacts the communities around us. We seek out well-rounded individuals with a passion for construction that will help change our built environment one successful project at a time.

Working at EDiS

CEO Brian DiSabatino likes to say that at EDiS, our people are our “special sauce.” EDiS is a company made up of intelligent, hard working, and passionate individuals who share common goals and values. Employees at EDiS are part of a family, and families take care of each other. EDiS takes care of our family by offering excellent benefits along with health and wellness programs designed to keep our teams feeling their best and working at the highest levels.

Employee Benefits

EDiS offers a competitive benefits and compensation package:

  • Health & Dental Plan
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Group Long Term Care Insurance
  • Short Term Disability

Health & Wellness

Our voluntary wellness program offers bonus incentives while our in-house project manager/yoga instructor teaches you a thing or two about relaxation.

  • Bike share program
  • Workout room onsite
  • Small group employee-led fitness classes/sessions
  • Employee wellness program with Cardio Kinetics
  • Walking groups on lunch breaks

Career Development

When you work for EDiS, you have more than a job. You have a career that grows with you, every step of the way. From hands-on experience and mentorship to academy-style on-going education, your learning never stops.  As a part of the EDiS team, you have a career path set out for you, and EDiS will invest time and money in your training and development. Whether you begin your career as an intern or join EDiS as a veteran of the industry, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Part of the Family!

They say you can’t pick your family – but when you choose a career at EDiS, you choose to be a part of ours! We work hard and we play hard – and we do both together. Our people genuinely like each other, and it comes through on everything we do, and every project we build. Through good times and bad, we build each other up and bring out the best in each other. Yes, of course we have that crazy aunt and the cousin that you can’t take anywhere…but through it all, we make each other the best we can be. Come be a part of the family!

"I love working at EDiS because we work as a team that maintains integrity throughout all our projects. We continue to demonstrate quality and consistency in all that we do. At EDiS, we value and love people first and projects second. This is why I love working at EDiS."

DJ Lowe Document Coordinator

"Coming to work to serve others is part of our legacy. We serve our clients by providing them with services that they can trust and rely on. We serve our communities by building infrastructures that can enrich and improve their lives. We serve our people by cherishing and valuing each of our team members. To be part of the great history of EDiS and of its continued mission to serve others is what makes this a meaningful journey."

Javi Pantoja BIM Technician

"I like working at EDiS because of the people and relationships that we get to enjoy every day, and great buildings we get to construct. EDiS has good-hearted people starting from the top of the company all the way through. Both the buildings we build and the relationships that we develop are great, strong, and long-lasting. The buildings are pillars in our communities and are iconic in Delaware’s history. At EDiS you get to meet and develop relationships with some of the most powerful and influential people in the community, as well as extraordinary everyday people."

Mike Buck Superintendent

"EDiS gives me the opportunity to grow by learning from the leadership and guidance of my superiors. I always am progressing and challenged, helping me feel confident that I am ready and prepared when called on. The sense of community and willingness of my peers to help me along the way is an added bonus!"

Jacqueline DiSabatino Project Engineer

"I like working here for the respect and peace others bring to the office environment. We're professional yes, but we're also one big family working in this building together."

Hugo De Larosa BIM Technician

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Internships at EDiS

EDiS Company welcomes a diverse set of interns attending colleges from across the country. Interns at EDiS work for us, but tend to teach us a thing or two while they’re at it.

EDiS Intern Experience

Our interns don't just make the coffee.

Most valuable thing you learned as an EDiS Intern: The most valuable thing that I took away from this internship at EDiS would have to be that there has to be strong communication between the multiple working parties at a project. Communication is important to have between the contractors and management especially in a larger project where miscommunication could easily occur. Something that I can take away from EDiS Company itself is that they have a very strong sense of community. Through my time here as an intern I have come to see how just about everyone in the company knows each other and they try to bring everyone together outside of work. This, I believe, is a great take away from this company and would definitely make me want to return.

Mauricio Barrera-TapiaSenior, The Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg Campus

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