Pre-Engineered Buildings

Reduce your investment. Advance your schedule. Lower your operating costs.

Cut building costs and time without cutting corners. Imagine the possibilities.

EDiS Building Systems (EBS) Solutions is a premier builder of Butler ManufacturingTM pre-engineered metal building systems for commercial construction. Today’s pre-engineered buildings are nothing like those of days past – the design is limited only by how far your imagination can carry you. We know your building’s impact on your business extends far beyond operations. It’s a symbol of your brand; it’s an environment to attract and retain employees; it’s a means to manufacture your goods; and it’s a tool to control your future operating costs. When designed and executed exactly right by the experts at EBS Solutions, you can save time and money with a Butler building solution.

Whether engaging a full Butler® structural system or a Hybrid Building approach that can come in any shape or size to meet the demands for your next project, including mezzanine and multistory buildings, EBS Solutions has the expertise to help building owners, facility managers, and designers quickly understand the benefits of Butler’s cost-effective method for building superstructures and envelopes.

“I can’t say enough about EDiS and its people. They were working with us constantly to find ways to achieve our goals by doing something faster, cheaper, and better. They were true partners in the process. The initial design was way over budget, so EDiS introduced us to Butler® building systems and showed us how we could achieve our design’s essence while saving Rockland a considerable amount of money.” – Robert Wirth, Rockland Sports LLC

Butler systems offer significant cost and performance advantages over conventional construction methods including:

  • lower life cycle costs for greater return on investment.
  • unlimited design flexibility.
  • sustainability attributes such as 100% recycled steel and superior thermal building envelopes.

EBS Solutions is a Premier Butler Builder.

Each Butler® solution is custom-engineered to specific dimensions, structural criteria, and materials in accordance with local building codes. Butler’s system has evolved over the years into assemblages of structural elements that work together to provide a very efficient system. Each part of the system is designed to precisely fit together, transforming into buildings built with greater speed and accuracy than conventional methods.

Which sectors can use pre-engineered metal building systems?

Pre-engineered metal building systems economically allow for the creation of large column-free enclosures. Conventional structural framing choices, such as mill steel and light gauge metal, use more steel and are therefore considerably more expensive to build. The most common applications for the pre-engineered metal building systems include complex industrial facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. Increasingly the systems have been used for retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, auto dealerships, office complexes, airplane hangars, sports and entertainment arenas as well as schools, libraries, churches, medical facilities, and government buildings.

Concept to delivery in almost half the time.

With time-consuming steps eliminated, the construction of your project can start sooner and finish faster. Not only will you save time, you’ll significantly reduce costs. And, you’ll occupy your new facility much earlier than if you had used the conventional building process.

  1. Concept.  When your project is in the idea stages, EBS Solutions can quickly establish the design and cost of a Butler® solution.
  2. Design.  While your building design is being finalized, the Butler building, complete in every detail, can be fabricated.
  3. Construction.  Because of early decisions and a streamlined process, your project will start faster using a Butler solution.

Nothing standard about them!

While they can be, metal buildings do not have to be selected from a catalog of standard designs based on the size of the building. In fact, the buildings are custom-engineered to specific dimensions, structural criteria, and materials in accordance with local building codes. They are also completely customizable in terms of exterior, and in most cases, give no indication from the outside that they are indeed a pre-engineered metal building. Architects can design extraordinary facades that elevate these buildings to a beautiful aesthetic while still delivering all the benefits.

Butler Parts Online.

Butler Parts Online is an authorized distributor of genuine replacement parts for Butler ManufacturingTM buildings. For more than three decades, we have been helping clients get the Butler® building parts they need to repair pre-engineered buildings. We are an authorized Butler parts distributor – which means we can get you any replacement part Butler makes faster and more affordably than anywhere else. We offer expert advice which will enable you to secure a genuine Butler replacement part quickly and more affordably than any other distributor.

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"As a non-profit that relies solely on private funding, the affordability of the Butler solution was exceptional. It enabled us to build the building with the design we needed to meet the needs of the homeless and addicted population we serve in very specific ways and stay within our tight budget. Shifting cost from pure construction to internal design thanks to the malleability of the Butler solution was a perfect fit for our needs."

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The Hidden Costs Of Building: Total Building Operating Costs

All building developers share the goal of building a cost-effective, energy-efficient building that will have low maintenance costs and extended service life for many years. Focusing not just on the initial cost to build but instead on total building operating cost has been proven to pay dividends. The use of a systems construction, pre-engineered building solution helps to achieve that goal.

Butler buildings are designed to optimize a building’s framing and enveloping systems. In addition, through Butler’s advanced research and testing, they have developed cost-effective and energy -efficient roof and wall systems. In addition, beyond the Butler offering, EDiS can provide other wall systems solutions that include panelized, thermally efficient wall framing systems to fiber-reinforced cement panel systems with a variety of architectural finishes. Finally, maintenance and replacement costs are significantly lower with these products than they are with conventional components. And these products are more sustainable with a high percentage of the components being made from recycled materials.

So, when it is time to build, basing your decisions solely on the construction budget can be very shortsighted. Building owners are finding that making smart choices in their initial investment pays off over the life of their building. Collaborating with EDiS in the early planning stages of the building process can pay true dividends.



of the total cost of building ownership is found in operating costs.