Buildings. Community. Legacy.

For 112 years and five generations of ownership, EDiS Company has been building what matters in our community.

From schools and hospitals to corporate and community centers throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland, clients have come to count on us for innovative thinking, reliable planning, and cost-effective project management that leads to consistent success. EDiS provides construction management, general construction, design-build, interiors, pre-engineered solutions, and BIM services on projects large and small.

Over 90% of our customers have chosen us before, and we are committed to making sure they choose us again.

By The Numbers

Who are we?



currently on the team.



average tenure of current team.



with a tenure of 20 years or more.



with two generations currently working at EDiS.


former interns

who are now full-time staff.



to build extraordinary projects.

We are a family of builders who have dedicated themselves to delivering excellence.

What all of the people at EDiS have in common is a passion to build. We build great buildings, because our personal reputations depend upon it — it is how we honor those who built such a great name for this company. But most importantly, we build what matters because this is our community. We pledge to make it better through building. We build great communities by investing in each other, in our families, and in the neighborhoods that cared for us when we needed them most.

As a team, we commit to excellence in delivering the buildings that shape our landscapes, supporting the community where we live, work, volunteer, and play, while maintaining the legacy that lights our path forward.