Service / Maintenance

EDiS Service/Maintenance division gives our clients the best of both worlds - the high level of experience and expertise offered by EDiS Company, and the specialization of a team who knows how to maximize efficiency on small projects.

For more than a century, EDiS Company has become known as a builder of large, impactful structures. At the same time, EDiS has been quietly growing an expertise in the management of smaller projects as well – while these projects may be smaller in scale, they are no less important to the people who use the spaces.

From fixing door locks to full fit-outs of interior spaces, the EDiS Service/ Maintenance division helps our clients with projects that others of our caliber won’t take on. We know that while fixing a door lock or relocating an office may not be a huge undertaking or financial investment, to the person who needs to get in that door or that will work in that office – it matters. EDiS’ Service/ Maintenance team gives each project the time and attention it deserves, helping you and your employees to do your jobs better.


  • Building exterior maintenance and repairs
  • Historic exterior restorations
  • Concrete repair, restoration, and removal/replacement
  • Masonry installation and restoration
  • New roof installations, roof modifications


  • Toilet room renovations
  • Interior office fit-outs
  • Carpentry
  • Ceiling tile and grid installation/repairs
  • Steel work and repairs
  • Spray fireproofing
  • HVAC, electrical, mechanical
  • Interior partitions, drywall, and finishing


  • Doors, frames, and hardware
  • Floor coatings
  • Millwork
  • Carpeting and painting

“Our team can hang your pictures, or we can build you a building, and anything in between. What you get with us is knowledge – we know how to build it from scratch, so we know the best ways to maintain it. From mid-term interior modifications to helping you maintain your exteriors, we handle small projects with the expertise of a big builder. We do it all.”

Joe Pedicone Senior Superintendent, Manager of Interiors/Service

Special Projects are our specialty.

While there are a list of projects that the Service/Maintenance team takes on regularly, this group is ready for the unexpected. From repairing the glass storefronts on a bank after a deer ran through it to completing a six-week job restoring Spencer Plaza in Wilmington to prepare it for a flag raising ceremony in just two weeks, no job is too big, too small, or too outside the usual. The Service/Maintenance team is ready to take on your challenge and deliver for you, every time.