EDiS Company has been a construction industry leader since 1908. Working to stay ahead of the curve, the AMP team leverages EDiS’ thorough understanding of the construction process to continually innovate and transform our practices, delivery methods, processes, and technologies.

The AMP (Advanced Modeling Precision) Team champions forward thinking for construction technology, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Virtual Design Construction (VDC), and believes in being true specialists in the BIM field (Click here to see their work directly). We deliver a deep knowledge of the construction industry complete with trade contractor experience, hands-on BIM modeling, coordination, and fabrication expertise. Our BIM process produces a virtual experience within the planned building design.

The infrastructure developed by AMP serves clients nationwide at a higher capacity level through cloud-based interactions. Our staff is educated and trained in the United States, and our work is performed in our United States-based offices.

Building with AMP.

In this virtual 3-D space, the AMP team builds the entire building and all the systems required using software like Auto-CAD Fabrication MEP, Revit, and Navisworks to visualize and solve any issues that could arise before shovels even hit the ground. AMP coordinates design plans between the different trades to make sure there are no conflicts in the design. This takes the planning, building, and operating phases to a much more productive level. Less mistakes in preplanning translates into savings in time, money, and utility for the owner.


The AMP team itself is made up of an experienced group of individuals that each build off of each other. Their specialties include:

  • Full building construction coordination
  • Virtual construction building
  • Architectural shop drawings
  • Mechanical system fabrication & shop drawings
  • Laser scanning
  • Point cloud stitching
  • Field point layout
  • Drone imagery and site mapping
  • Clash detection & resolution
  • BIM software management
  • BIM consulting to the AEC industry

Level III BIM Authority

AMP is a Level III, readily equipped BIM authority with full in-house capabilities. With all the tools necessary to adapt new systems and models around almost any project, the AMP team can do it all.

Saving You Money

Change orders can make or break a budget on any project. What if you could minimize the amount of change orders in the planning phase, instead of mid-construction? BIM technology has the ability to detect potential clashes between the trades before construction, so that they can be planned for and avoided ahead of time. Also, by knowing what types of changes and materials the project team needs to complete the job, the estimators are able to create a more accurate budget for the “bricks and sticks” of the building.

Saving You Time

As the saying goes, “time is money” and since BIM, by its very nature, improves the coordination of a project, it not only helps minimize change orders, but it also requires total collaboration on projects. With more minds and points of view working together toward a more efficient and effective design, many issues are resolved during the design phase rather than being found, and consuming valuable time, during the construction phase.

Preparing For The Future

Operating a new building can be a tough task. There are countless pieces of equipment that all have their own unique repair and maintenance schedules. What happens when the designers and constructors are done? After a project is complete, the client is left with a model that contains an enormous amount of valuable information and data about the building. That information can be leveraged to save even more time and money in the future. Lowering operating costs and doing more with less is something all building owners strive for.

"The beauty of EDiS is that they streamline the process in its entirety. Other organizations fall far short of that. So at the end of the day, they are saving us time, money, and aggravation."

Jim Babin East Coast Plumbing & HVAC

Efficient. Effective. Essential.

With an industry standard cost of $3,100 per clash, each foot modeled by AMP
has the potential to save owners time and money.



square feet modeled.



major clashes resolved.



estimated client savings.

EDiS' AMP Delivers Better Value, Faster.

Maximize your impact by beginning involvement at the pre-construction phase and working to build the groundwork for success.

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