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Navigating the Complexities for du Pont County Club

May 28, 2020 • 2 MIN READ

du Pont Country Club is in the midst of building their new state-of-the-art fitness and aquatic center, designed and constructed to exceed member expectations and serve the community with an affordable and family-focused home away from home. The outdoor pools will be ready for use this summer while construction continues on the fitness center itself, scheduled to open in September. As the construction managers for the project, EDiS Company began involvement at the pre-construction phase, working to lay the groundwork for success.

The fitness and aquatic center is an extraordinarily complex project to build. The piping for the pool was designed to run under its concrete deck. The pool pumps and filter will be located in the fitness center building, and must be coordinated with gas, plumbing, and ductwork installations. Adding to the complexity, the core of the main structure is a Butler® pre-engineered building, and EDiS had to determine the best ways to reconcile the architect’s vision with the Butler functionality. In order to coordinate all these variables and more, the construction team called on their colleagues with EDiS BIM Services to build the project virtually before any shovels hit the ground. Using virtual design to detect clashes, BIM helps our teams to find potential coordination issues before they happen, saving money and time during construction.

du Pont Country Club benefited from bringing in a construction manager with in-house BIM capabilities – there is a synergy that comes with a single-source CM/Virtual Design team that improves solution-finding. Using BIM, the team was able to detect several potential conflicts and worked together to quickly resolve them, turning potential week-long problems into minute-long solutions. There were multiple potential coordination issues between the structural steel and duct work that were picked up early and resolved long before the shovels hit the ground. Once construction began, the knowledge gained from the digital coordination transitioned to the field, as the BIM team helped guide the process during pre-installation meetings and QA/QC checks.

Working together, the EDiS construction and BIM teams laid the groundwork for a successful project for DuPont Country Club. Stick with us for more updates as the project continues to develop!