Interiors / Tenant Improvements

Technical experts you can trust. Respect earned through experience. Creative solutions you can count on.

A workplace is not just an office – it is an employee’s corporate home. It is essential that it be a place of productivity and comfort for them, and it is a challenge we do not take lightly. EDiS’ Interior Construction team recognizes that their work often takes place within an active business, so the number one goal of this division is respect. We are respectful of our customers, their consumers, and the environment in which they must continue to work.

When you couple the wide-ranging experience with the creativity of our team, you get extraordinary outcomes. We work collaboratively with building owners, owner’s reps, property managers, and subcontractors to maximize budgets and tighten schedules.

What are some of the ways EDiS Interior Construction can help?

  • Estimating
  • Energy Efficient Alterations
  • Tenant Fit-Out
  • Office Renovations and Relocations
  • Finish Upgrades or Updates
  • Restacking
  • Scheduling

Pre-Leasing Advice, Test-Fitting, & Project Budgeting

If your organization is looking to relocate or expand into additional space, it is important to analyze three important items: lease terms, space efficiency (test-fitting), and capital requirements. All three areas are imperative to your decision.

Lease Negotiation Management

Sometimes it is good to have a knowledgeable partner by your side during lease negotiations. Our understanding of the market and the financial impact on your business means we can be that partner.

Design Management

Many of our clients hire EDiS first.  In some cases we are asked to provide the design and sometimes we are asked to recommend a design firm. Whether we are the design/builder or we are managing a third party design team the objective is the same.  We ensure the design team stays on schedule and your team provides them with the information they need to stay on track. Combining this service with our scheduling, budgeting, and other plan phase services means your project will be successfully completed.


From napkin sketches to detailed three-dimensional design documents, countless private and public organizations rely on our estimating team to provide accurate budgets and cash flow forecasts. This information is used to obtain financing and create capital improvement budgets. Our budgeting information withstands the test of time and is accurate years after it was created.


Many organizations underestimate the amount of time a project can take from the beginning of design through occupancy. Our operations team works with you from project inception to create a realistic schedule that includes critical milestones so the entire project team understands the importance and impact of meeting deadlines.

There are few things that can positively impact an outcome more than experience. 

Experience. EDiS’ Interior Construction team brings our experience to every project – experience with both simple and complex interior renovations, and experience with applying our processes to get your job done right. They have tremendous experience creating new spaces and renovating existing ones.