Family Legacy

Defining the legacy that is both our past and our path forward.

At EDiS, we are an accumulation of people who have dedicated themselves to building excellence. Building buildings, building community, and building legacy. Our people are our “special sauce,” and they come from all different backgrounds and ancestry.

As DiSabatinos, we reflect on our ancestors leaving their little hillside village in Italy, and coming to a land of plenty, a land of freedom, and a land of generosity. Our forbearers were shown kindness upon their arrival and practiced their trade, showing a passion for excellence. They made this place home. But they weren’t alone.

When we look at EDiS today, we see many family names that made that 115-year journey with us, and we have been lucky enough to add many more along the way. At EDiS, we travel together. We are family. Some might say we were brought together by happenstance, but we know that, for over a century, we were cobbled together for a reason. And when this family looks back at our over a century of history, we are pleased to know that we have continued the tradition of building what matters.

And that tradition began with people.

We build legacy, not for ego’s sake, but to inspire those who will come long after we are gone. We want them to see the footprints we left, we want them to hear our voices, we want them to know our traditions, we want them to build on our legacy.

Because it matters.