Successful development starts with excellent relationships.

Whether you are looking for a developer partner on your project or a firm to serve as a consultant as you develop on your own, EDiS is ready to be your guide. The real estate development process is all about creating value by making tangible improvements to properties, and creating value is something that EDiS has mastered. We have established excellent relationships with major players at all levels of the real estate development process, and bring value to each stage of the game. Whether serving as the sole developer, partnering with others, playing a principal role in a Public-Private Partnership (P3), or serving as a development consultant, let our experience and expertise guide your next project to become extraordinary.

Development Consulting

If you want to grow or enhance the value of your property, EDiS has years of experience as development consultants. This experience, combined with our relationships, helps us guide our clients through the entitlement and land development process.

Site Selection

Your organization’s strategy will drive the need to analyze your existing site or to contemplate potential new sites. As the site selection leader or team member, we have the knowledge and experience to help your organization identify and analyze land or building purchases as well as leased space options. Our focus is always on matching your organization’s needs with the assets available while identifying potential challenges to be considered in the important site selection process.

Entitlement and Permitting

Navigating the regulatory environment, including land development approval and/or permitting, can be time consuming and challenging. With millions of square feet of buildings in our portfolio, we have learned the dos and don’ts of this process and are prepared to help you gain your approvals as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Facility Financial Analysis

The key to executing any organization’s facility improvement program is to analyze the financial impact of the investment on the organization. From helping our customers budget capital requirements to developing an operational budget, it is critical to bring experience to the table. Our land development, design, budgeting, construction, and facilities management experience coupled with our network of financial experts provides you with an experienced team to guide you through the maze.


As a build-to-suit developer, we provide our clients with a customized facility that meets their specific needs, to alleviate their organization’s need to leverage their capital or lending capacity. The build-to-suit developer manages the financing, design, construction, and facilities management of the new facility. We are prepared to provide this service on an “open book” basis so that the tenant understands the relationship between the project cost and lease rate. It is not uncommon for us to be asked to offer a lease-purchase option as well.

Being a developer requires an in-depth knowledge of construction. That's why builders make the best developers.

When developing a project you can obtain your construction expertise in two ways – you can hire it, or you can own it. EDiS Company brings our best of class construction expertise to each project we develop, and to each client we guide through the development process. We know what to anticipate, we know where we can gain an advantage, and we know how to best leverage those advantages to the benefit of the budget and the schedule.