Proactivity. If there is one word to sum up the EDiS approach to preconstruction, both working with the design team as they shape the project and to quality assurance throughout design, it is proactivity.

We do not wait for the project challenges or potential quality issues to come to us, instead we proactively go out and hunt down those challenges and wipe them out before they exist. For the EDiS Preconstruction Team, the goal during design is to achieve the vision and requirements of the client while limiting change orders and ensuring quality. While EDiS is very good at taking an established design and finding ways to manage the schedule and costs while still meeting the client needs, we can be most effective when actively engaged during the design process to test out means and materials as they are selected, verifying both cost and constructibility.

To reach a level of extraordinary, we plan for it.

The preconstruction process sets the table for the success of a project, and when done correctly it maps out all of the tasks necessary to take a project from design through bidding and the start of construction. Preconstruction allows the design and construction team to work together to visualize not only the project outcome but maps out step by step the way to get there. While there is much that goes in to successful preconstruction planning, EDiS has developed several processes and procedures that are exceptional in their ability to drive successful outcomes. By planning in every area, EDiS can help our customers better understand the full extent of what is involved, so good decisions are made each step of the way.

Cost & Budget Controls

Keeping project costs under control must begin at your project’s onset. EDiS’ cost control processes take place throughout the life of your project to control and help save money on your project – or possibly spend the money to get more for your project than you even expected.

Constructibility Reviews

EDiS’ PlanCheck focuses intensely on the preparation of bid documents before they go out to bid.  Detecting “holes” and conflicts before plans are bid is the best way to avoid change orders.  Using PlanCheck, we have lowered our customers’ exposure to risk and cost overruns during the design phase. The PlanCheck system enables us to methodically identify potential change orders before they become a reality. Relying on our team’s experience in both review and construction of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and civil disciplines has helped us design this efficient and cost saving process.

Value Engineering

All clients have limited funds and tight budgets. EDiS delivers “impossible” projects through creative and careful solution development. There are many product alternatives and approaches to installation to be considered. There are always good-better-best options. We help our clients consider the most important project elements. We walk our clients through their options, presenting them with information to make an informed decision and evaluate “wish list” components that may be desired but challenging to the project budget. We are not bashful about challenging the design professionals – we become part of those decisions as a trusted collaborator and advisor.

Contract Procurement

EDiS developed our process for bidding and procurement because we recognized that simply taking the architect’s documents to solicit pricing from subcontractors in the marketplace did not achieve good results. Some of the most effective tools we have for getting a broad range of qualified bids, therefore keeping quality up and pricing competitive, are:

  • Scopes of Work
  • Alternates/Unit Pricing
  • Marketing of the Project
  • Bid Leveling

"My favorable impression began when the BHA and EDiS teams began working together during the design phase of the project to make sure that our common client, Goldey-Beacom, could achieve their goal of expanding and improving their facilities and campus. BHA and EDiS worked closely with Goldey-Beacom to plan, design, and document their complex projects on time and on budget. It is because of EDiS’s leadership and professionalism Goldey-Beacom’s goals will become a reality."

Kevin Blackney, AIA, LEED AP Blackney Hayes Architects

The sharpest tool in the box.

Preconstruction is your best weapon in the battle against budget and schedule overruns.



change orders for EDiS on average, versus the industry average of 5%