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The electrical systems on a project the size of the new high school, middle school, and performing arts center for Appoquinimink were complex and challenging both to design and construct. They are like dominos, requiring each step to be perfectly in line and in sync with the whole system, or nothing works. Using BIM to virtually construct these systems in advance of actual construction can catch problems to these electrical systems before they start. One such challenge was met when it was discovered that the underground conduit coming from the main distribution switchboard and meant to be fed to both the high school and middle school’s distribution switchboards was not adequately designed to reach into their respective penthouses. A solution needed to be found and tested, but multiple attempts at trial and error while in active construction were not an option. Using Fabrication CAD MEP, the BIM team was able to model the conduit inside the plenum space, and they successfully coordinated and developed a constructible layout for the conduit to reach the penthouses. They were able to test their solution in the model, so they knew it would work. Their solution caused minimal impact to the design and required no changes to the original ceiling heights or light fixtures. Once again, the BIM team identified and resolved a challenge before it could happen!

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March-August 2018

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