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The New Wave of Construction – EDiS BIM Services

By Nick Michael • January 10, 2020 • 2 MIN READ

EDiS Company has been a construction leader since 1908. Evolving over more than a century, EDiS has continually innovated and transformed our practices, delivery methods, processes, and technologies. To solidify this, six years ago EDiS Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services was formed to utilize a new, revolutionary form of construction.

BIM, or “Building Information Modeling” is a sophisticated technology used in all phases of a project that enables the design team, constructor, and owner to work together with a 3-D generated model of the building prior to actual construction. BIM builds the entire building and all the systems in a virtual space. This takes the planning, building, and operating phases to a much more productive level which translates into real savings in time, money, and utility for the owner.

BIM technology detects potential clashes between different trades before construction using laser-scanning technology, allowing clashes to be avoided before they happen. By knowing what will be required to complete the job, estimators are able to create a more accurate budget for any building. In addition, EDiS drone imaging can be used to achieve better field point layout and coordination.

EDiS BIM Services can also help minimize change orders. With more minds and points of view working together toward a more efficient and effective design, many issues are resolved during the design phase rather than being found and consuming valuable time during the construction phase. After the project is complete, the model containing valuable information and data about the building can be leveraged to save even more time and money in the future facility management life cycle. Lowering operating costs for repairs or future renovations is something every construction company strives for.

The BIM Services Team itself is made up of an experienced group of individuals that each build off of each other. Their specialties include:

  • Full building construction coordination
  • Virtual construction building
  • Architectural shop drawings
  • Mechanical system fabrication & shop drawings
  • Laser scanning
  • Point cloud stitching
  • Drone imagery and site mapping
  • Clash detection & resolution
  • BIM software management
  • BIM consulting to the AEC industry

BIM takes 3-D modeling and applies it to every phase of a building from concept to construction through the total lifespan of the building. Finding new and innovative uses for BIM continues to save EDiS customers time and money on projects ranging from the simplest to the most complex. EDiS BIM Services team members look to find even more uses for BIM in the near future, where this technology will continue to evolve as EDiS does.

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