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The Butler Difference: Automotive Dealerships

By Chuck Aungst • February 6, 2020 • 2 MIN READ

Car buying can be stressful. When customers embark on their car buying journey, they want to visit a comfortable, relaxed dealership that is open and inviting – not one that is walled-in and intimidating. EDiS Company and our Butler building division, EDiS Building Systems (EBS) Solutions, can deliver both the retail environment today’s customers demand and all the benefits of a Butler® building system.

EBS Solutions can provide automotive dealership owners with a facility that is more than just a building – it is a retail experience. The flexibility of Butler solutions for both exteriors and interiors is limited only by their imagination. Butler solutions offer structural steel systems that are designed to give complete freedom in planning the size and shape of an automotive facility, and allows for exterior options including concrete, wood, brick, stone, or glass as well as the traditional and economical metal wall systems.

Transparency inspires trust, and people buy from dealers they trust. EBS can deliver physical transparency with a retail space designed without interior columns or load-bearing walls: nothing takes away from the clear-span view of the full dealership. The unobstructed interior allows plenty of room to position automotive car lifts and to move vehicles in and out without maneuvering around structural columns. Roof pitches can vary to offer soaring open areas perfect for showroom entrances or service areas.

All of these aesthetic and functional benefits, which you would expect to come at a premium, instead come with cost benefits. A design-build Butler solution from EBS Solutions can add further efficiencies by eliminating multiple parties and streamlining the delivery process. You will be able to open the doors of your new automotive dealership sooner—with lower initial construction costs and lifecycle costs.

For more information on the benefits that Butler systems can bring to the auto buying experience, contact:

Chuck Aungst, EBS Solutions Division Manager


(302) 421-2978