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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

By Chuck Aungst • July 27, 2022 • 4 MIN READ

EDiS Building Systems (EBS) Solutions has been a premier builder of pre-engineered metal building systems for over 40 years. Today’s pre-engineered buildings are nothing like those of days past however – the design is limited only by how far your imagination can carry you. We know your building’s impact on your business extends far beyond operations. It’s a symbol of your brand; it’s an environment to attract and retain employees; it’s a means to manufacture your goods; and it’s a tool to control your future operating costs. When designed and executed exactly right by the experts at EBS Solutions, you can save time and money with a pre-engineered metal building solution. As such, here are the top 5 reasons to use one:

Saves Time

You can reach concept to delivery in almost half the time compared to standard project delivery methods. Sound too good to be true? With time-consuming steps eliminated, the construction of your project can start sooner and finish faster. You’ll be able to occupy your new facility much earlier than if you had used the conventional building process.

  1. Concept: When your project is in the idea stages, EBS Solutions can quickly establish the design and cost of a pre-engineered metal solution.
  2. Design: While your building design is being finalized, the building, complete in every detail, can be fabricated.
  3. Construction: Because of early decisions and a streamlined process, your project will start faster using this solution.

Saves Money

90% of the total cost of building ownership is found in operating costs. So, when it is time to build, basing your decisions solely on the construction budget can prove to be a mistake. Building owners are finding that making smart choices in their initial investment pays off over the life of their building. Collaborating with EDiS in the early planning stages of the building process can pay true dividends. EBS Solutions also partners with the nations leading metal building manufacturing, Butler Manufacturing, which offers creative and experienced design, manufacturing, and marketing services for commercial and industrial metal building systems. Butler buildings are designed to optimize a building’s framing and enveloping systems. In addition, through Butler’s advanced research and testing, they have developed cost-effective and energy-efficient roof and wall systems. Beyond the Butler offering, EDiS can provide other wall systems solutions that are just as cost effective. Finally, maintenance and replacement costs are significantly lower with these products than they are with conventional components.


No two pre-engineered metal buildings are the same. While they can be, metal buildings do not have to be selected from a catalog of standard designs based on the size of the building. In fact, the buildings are custom-engineered to specific dimensions, structural criteria, and materials in accordance with local building codes. They are also completely customizable in terms of exterior, and in most cases, give no indication from the outside that they are indeed a pre-engineered metal building. Architects can design extraordinary facades that elevate these buildings to a beautiful aesthetic while still delivering all the benefits.


In contrast to wood-frame structures, which require a great deal of site preparation prior to construction, metal buildings can be set up on even the most imperfect of grounds. This is because, unlike wood-frame structures, metal buildings have a rigid frame and are therefore much less susceptible to wind deformation, up to 150 mph in fact. Furthermore, they are designed to give the client “steel where it’s needed and not where it’s not needed”. Mill steel sections are the same weight across their entire span even in areas that don’t require the added strength. Pre-engineered building framing sections are designed to address the design loads across the span optimally. One of the most popular products from pre-engineered metal building supplier Butler Manufacturing, the MR-24 Roof System, ensures that a building remains leak free too, greatly preventing eventual wear and tear.


There is a myriad of structural options available to every designer. It’s nice to know that, when applicable, the pre-engineered option can reduce initial investment, accelerate the schedule, and minimize facility maintenance and operations. Why are pre-engineered metal buildings so easy to use? Because all it takes is hiring the right Construction Manager to help you fully understand and navigate them. Contact us today to get started!