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EDiS Embraces the Butler Building System

November 22, 2019 • 2 MIN READ

EDiS Building Systems (EBS) Solutions is a premier builder of Butler® Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for commercial construction. Today’s pre-engineered buildings are nothing like those of days past – the design is limited only by how far your imagination can carry you.

We know a building’s impact on a business extends far beyond operations. It’s a symbol of branding; it’s an environment to attract and retain employees; it’s a means to manufacture goods; and it’s a tool to control future operating costs. When designed and executed right by the experts at EBS Solutions, it’s possible to save time and money with a Butler building solution.

Whether engaging a full Butler structural system or a Hybrid Building approach that can come in any shape or size to meet the demands for a project, including mezzanine and multi-story buildings, EBS Solutions has the expertise to help building owners, facility managers, and designers quickly understand the benefits of Butler’s cost-effective method for building super-structures and envelopes.

Butler systems offer significant cost and performance advantages over conventional construction methods including:

  • Lower life cycle costs for greater return on investment.
  • Unlimited design flexibility.
  • Sustainability attributes such as 100% recycled steel and superior thermal building envelopes.

Each Butler solution is custom-engineered to specific dimensions, structural criteria, and materials in accordance with local building codes. Butler’s system has evolved over the years into assemblages of structural and building envelope elements that work together to provide a very efficient system. Each part of the system is designed to precisely fit together, transforming into buildings built with greater speed and accuracy than conventional methods. Some applications for Butler include structures like warehouses, office complexes, hangars, schools, religious buildings, and industrial facilities.

Curious as to how the Butler pre-engineered system works?

  1. Concept: When a project is in the idea stages, EBS Solutions can quickly establish the design and cost of a Butler solution.
  2. Design: While a building design is being finalized, the Butler building, complete in every detail, can be fabricated.
  3. Construction: Because of early decisions and a streamlined process, the project will start faster using a Butler solution.

With time-consuming steps eliminated, the construction projects can start sooner and finish earlier. Not only does it save time, it significantly reduce costs. And, one can occupy their new facility much earlier than if they had used the conventional building process. It’s a win-win solution for everybody involved.

The EDiS Company headquarters building is a Butler solution