Summer Internship

EDiS Intern Experience: How to Learn Everything in One Summer

August 14, 2019 • 2 MIN READ

I am a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware and this summer internship with EDiS Company was my first experience both as an intern and in working at a construction management company. The department I worked in was the Building Information Modeling / Virtual Design & Construction (BIM/VDC) division of EDiS. I had minimal knowledge and experience with the software and practices within the virtual modeling field at the onset of my internship. By the end of the summer, I’ve become comfortable with the everyday work of this division and feel confident in handling the new challenges such a career would present. Prior to starting my internship at EDiS Company, my only experience in this field was with Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). This gave me an insight with using a computer to model in three-dimensional space with different software. Mapping an entire building is a different story, as I quickly discovered.

The measure of a student’s success depends on the abilities of their mentors. The folks in EDiS Company’s BIM/VDC department never failed to make work both fun and interesting. Every new task started with an end result and provided all of the steps I needed to take to get there. Any question I had was answered and I somehow never managed to ask too many! I honestly feel like I have learned so much this summer and hope to continue working with EDiS Company after graduation. The people are amazing, and the work being done is progressing so much with new innovations in the field happening all the time. What made learning about BIM more motivational was seeing the work being used real-time, as drawings I made were being implemented right at the University of Delaware Stadium. The reward of seeing my hard work manifested in a physical sense is what made me realize that this was the career path for me.