Summer Internship

University of Delaware

EDiS Intern Experience: More Than Just an Internship & More Than Just a Company

By Melissa Rysak, CPSM • August 14, 2019 • 2 MIN READ

As a college student, internships are stressed as necessities for any and all future successes. The requirement for a graduating student to have work experience leads to searching online for months, filling out applications, and preparing for critical interviews. After the stressful process of applying for the job, interns often find themselves in positions where they cannot learn or thrive properly. My summer internship at EDiS deconstructed this stereotype and I was treated not only as an intern, but a member of the team.

As the marketing intern for EDiS, I gained true work experience in a place that values each member of the team. My mentors in the marketing department have all taught me so many beneficial lessons and experiences that I could never learn in school. Their guidance and advice during my tenure will be invaluable as I progress toward my own career goals. I cannot thank them enough for the time they took to teach me and get to know me. Many of the things I have learned, including Adobe InDesign, HootSuite, and Salesforce will give me a head start as I advance in my studies as a marketing major. There are many advantages to having experience with social media and website content prior to your first job. I realize that I have much more to learn, but this was a great sneak peek into the field I hope to work in the future.

Through EDiS, I learned many other things that will help me not just with my education, but also in life. While I believe it is important to maintain a certain skillset for a job, I also believe that being successful relies on one’s personality. Each employee I had the opportunity to work with at EDiS has shown tremendous character. The teamwork, consideration, and respect that is shared among colleagues is not something you can easily find in the workplace. By observing interactions and taking part in routine meetings, I have absorbed integral knowledge and am better equipped to be a positive influence on my peers and coworkers.

To me, this summer was more than just an internship or a resume-builder. As I head back to my studies at the University of Pittsburgh, I will take every learning moment with me. If I had to advise any potential intern on what type of company to look for, I would say find a place where the priority is placed in building a positive workplace culture. I am grateful to have spent my summer in a position where I was treated as more than just an intern and in a place that is definitely more than just a company, but a family.