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Executive Message

Pa Rum Pa Pum Pum

By Brian DiSabatino • December 20, 2022 • 2 MIN READ

I love Christmas for many reasons. I must admit, one of them is the “loot.” Yes, there is nothing as exciting as shaking that wrapped gift and wondering, “What is my gift, and how will I use it?”  Not the giving part of the exchange, not the receiving, but the actual anticipation and discovery of the gift and how I would use it.

My children, Jacqueline, Jacob, and Dylan know that I love the story of the Little Drummer Boy, Aaron. Angry at the world for the loss of his parents, Aaron discovers that the greatest gift of all comes from within.  As a witness to the Magi bearing rich gifts for the Christ child, Aaron presents the only gift he has in the world, his drumming.  Noticing the birth in the stable, he relates easily to the infant, stating that he is a poor boy too, wanting to know that, without wealth, without fanfare and without status, if he could simply drum, Pa rum pa pum pum, for this new King. And the Christ child smiled. It took this realization for Aaron to find his gift and he quickly knew how to use it, pa rum pa pum pum.

It is easy to speak of the gift given to all of us at EDiS by our clients. I find one the most important to be the gift of trust. A gift not to be taken lightly. A gift that requires active nurturing and safeguarding. A gift that can last generations if treated as such. And a gift that spawns relationships and friendships. Pa rum pa pum pum.

I am struck by so many of the folks that I have the honor to work for at EDiS. They know their gifts and have discovered how to use them. There are those who raise money by bowling and those who gather food for the needy. There are those who salute the military and those who mentor our youth.  There are those who juggle work and family to make a better life for the next generation and those who sit quietly in prayer. They are why I come to work every day and thank God for the gift of their example. Pa rum pa pum pum.

During this Christmas season, let us not rush to unwrap, but behold the gifts that are presented to us in untidy and unnoticeable ways.  Let us find the gifts around us and within us.  And when we discover them, let us share them in a way that is fitting for a King. Pa rum pa pum pum.