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EDiS Interview Series: Everything Has Changed, Nothing Has Changed

By Martha M. White, LEED AP • May 14, 2020 • 2 MIN READ

EDiS Company senior project managers are finding ways to keep our projects moving during these difficult times. Through hard work and perseverance, they’re making magic happen for our clients. Join us as we highlight our senior project managers and how they’re solving new challenges every day.

Senior Project Manager: Martha White

Years With EDiS: 23

The short story is: nothing has changed and everything has changed.

Nothing has changed:

Construction is an essential business. EDiS teams come to work every day on projects for our clients. We work hard to follow OSHA safety guidelines while managing schedules that had been established prior to any pandemic events. We chat with our subcontractors in the field and in the offices as before. We’re still sharing funny stories about information on products or manpower (this happened BEFORE COVID-19, don’t tell anyone.)

Everything has changed:

We started with social distancing and now have added face coverings to ensure our workers stay safe and healthy. We make sure COVID-19 rules are being adhered to in addition to traditional safety measures. All project managers meticulously track tips and findings related to the health status of people on our jobs or one degree separated from our jobs. It’s also necessary that we stay extra vigilant in sorting out rumors related to material delays – are factories shut down? Where do products originate – Italy? China? What is the US Government changing relative to opening or closing borders and import processing? Have we cleaned (with a true cleaning agent) our desk site work areas daily? All of these are precautions we take now to ensure clients are getting what they need, when they need it. We’ve even switched to field meetings that resemble drum circles (not around a conference room table) or we are Zooming.

Yet, we keep building!