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EDiS Interview Series: Big Crews, Little Risk

By Nick Michael • May 21, 2020

EDiS Company senior project managers are finding ways to keep our projects moving during these difficult times. Through hard work and perseverance, they’re making magic happen for our clients. Join us as we highlight our senior project managers and how they’re solving new challenges every day.

Senior Project Manager: Kevin Lucas

Years With EDiS: 19

Current Job Site: University of Delaware Whitney Athletic Center and Stadium Renovation

The new year had barely gotten off the ground and talks of COVID-19 started filling social media and the news channels. The terms essential businesses, social distancing, and pandemic became part of our everyday vocabulary. In our field and throughout our projects we have had to very quickly figure out how to continue our “essential business” of building buildings while fulfilling client expectations.

At UD Whitney Athletic Center we were immediately challenged with the large contractor work force. There are more than 160 workers per day that actively construct the project.

Working alongside our EDiS Health and Safety and HR department, we gathered the most up to date tools to monitor the contractor’s employees as they travelled to work each day. Carpooling was eliminated, sanitation stations set up, trailer restrictions implemented, distancing rules were established, and the daily Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updates presented.

Through our solid team approach and the trust that our contractors have in the EDiS process, we were very successful in managing the crews and the risks associated with our new work environment. We continue to manage the pandemic daily, most recently implementing a daily code system that the contractors use each morning on their phones to verify they are symptom free prior to entering the project area.