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EDiS Interview Series: Managing The Unexpected

By Nick Michael • May 8, 2020

EDiS Company senior project managers are finding ways to keep our projects moving during these difficult times. Through hard work and perseverance, they’re making magic happen for our clients. Join us as we highlight our senior project managers and how they’re solving new challenges every day.

Senior Project Manager: Mark Grunza

Years With EDiS: 23

Job Site: Goldey-Beacom College (GBC), William A. Franta Hall

“There are a lot of ways to look at what’s happening and yes, sometimes it gets stressful. Honestly, the biggest disruption to our daily activities has been Pennsylvania shutting down construction operations. These disruptions have created both delivery chain concerns and issues over having enough manpower. Many workers were unable to come to the job until variances were provided. We also needed to instill a sense of confidence in our safety and prevention procedures for all parties involved, so they would know they were coming to a work on a safe job site with people who cared about their well-being. Safety comes first.

The hardest challenge for me personally is not being on site as often. My entire career I’ve managed our teams face-to-face for coordination meetings, so this was a new but interesting transition. We’ve all learned how to “Zoom” our way through a meeting, but the construction industry as a whole tends to be a little behind when it comes to integrating technology. It has taken some time to bring some of our trade contractors along, but we are getting there. It is certainly a big transition to depart from coordinating most activities with the design team in person, but we are making it work!

Through it all, the GBC-EDIS team has stayed the course. Our culture at EDiS always places safety and caution as paramount, and that hasn’t changed now. Our team met regularly before the impact to discuss procedures and safety requirements as we do on every job – now, we continue to do so, but with a new and increased focuses on job site social distancing, health guidelines, and prevention methods. Our number one goal is to keep everyone healthy and the job running smoothly, the second is focus on getting the job done by effectively managing schedules of impacted sites. It’s a balancing act, but one that we’re proud of.”