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Renovating Delaware’s Only Volvo Dealership

By Nick Michael • January 30, 2020

When Union Park Volvo Cars came to Delaware 20 years ago in 1999, they knew they’d come to stay. They settled their sales showroom in Wilmington, located at Pennsylvania Avenue and Dupont Street, close by to their service facility at 901 N. Union Street. Both facilities were built to last throughout the years. So, when Volvo released their new Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) Facility Design Program nearly 15 years later, Union Park Chairman Frank A. Ursomarso Sr. knew they’d have to update both buildings’ functions and aesthetics to reach branding and facility goals set as the new corporate standard. To reach that standard, they handed the reigns to EDiS for the necessary upgrades.

VRE’s innovative style for Volvo dealerships focuses on the ambiance and design of their buildings to reflect Scandinavian-inspired values of calm, clean lines with “cool on the outside and warm on the inside”-style architecture. The aim is to create an open and transparent experience for customers so that all dealership functions are completely integrated. The open and holistic environment invites customers to be relaxed and enjoy themselves in luxurious comfort while buying or taking care of their car.

Implementing such a detail-oriented corporate design program was a different type of approach for EDiS, who was not involved during the early planning and design stages but brought to the customer several cost-saving value engineering alternatives at the time of construction. EDiS provided a fresh perspective on improving the proposed upgrades while gaining valuable additional experience in retail projects.

The Volvo showroom and service areas sleek upgrades included:

  • Full reconfiguration of showroom space in compliance with the VRE program.
  • The addition of an enclosed “service reception” area for UPV’s service customers.
  • New exterior clear and etched glass façade with a prominent building entrance portal.
  • All new interior finishes and furniture with contrasting cool and warm tones.
  • Exterior façade and interior lighting upgrades to enhance visibility from street.
  • New showroom furniture, displays, and audio-visual equipment.

EDiS delivered on budget and on time. Union Park CFO John Patterson said of the project, “I’ve been at Union Park for over 30 years and have been involved in more than 25 of our large design build projects and renovations and this Volvo renovation is by far the most stunning.  It is our first project with EDiS and it was a pleasure working with the entire EDiS team.” In the end, the goal was accomplished: the same great dealership, with that new Volvo shine.