customer experience through aesthetic.

EDiS strived to deliver the innovative style of Volvo dealerships with a Scandinavian-inspired ambiance and design that centered on calm, clean lines with “cool on the outside and warm on the inside”-style architecture. The aim was to create an open and transparent experience for customers so that dealership functions were completely integrated. The open and holistic environment invites customers to be relaxed and enjoy themselves in comfort while buying or taking care of their car. When Volvo released their new Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) Facility Design Program, Union Park knew they’d have to update both buildings’ functions and aesthetics to reach branding and facility goals set as the new corporate standard. To reach that standard, they handed the reigns to EDiS for the necessary upgrades.


award winning projects.

EDiS Company was honored to receive a Construction Excellence Award from the Delaware Contractors Association (DCA) for this project. These awards are given to recognize projects that bring distinction, skill, and integrity to the construction industry in Delaware. Solenis World Headquarters represents the time, dedication, and hard work that went into this project and reflects the quality of safety, design, and teamwork that EDiS Company is known for.


upgrades with purpose.

EDiS oversaw the installation of a number of sleek upgrades. A new exterior clear and etched glass façade was erected with a prominent building entrance portal. New showroom furniture, displays, and audio-visual equipment went in shortly after. The revamped service facility includes a climate-controlled parking area, beautiful new reception and waiting area for customers, and technology capable of recognizing a customer’s Volvo and retrieving the vehicle’s vital signs even before the customer parks. The new sales showroom itself includes a relaxing customer living room, special exterior glass that incorporates Volvo’s signature blue logo color, and a natural wood foyer entrance for comfort.


on an active site.

EDiS’ experience with active job sites played a large part in keeping the project on track. Challenges related to completing work in and around workers, visitors, furniture, fixtures, and equipment were addressed with the client prior to and during construction. Using our signature processes and other administrative control measures, we were able to dramatically reduce the impact of work on the building users. From a well-vetted logistics plan to constructing temporary walls and properly scheduling system shutdowns, EDiS has mastered the “occupied building construction” formula.


extraordinary savings.

EDiS was not involved during the early planning and design stages but still brought to the customer several cost-saving value engineering alternatives at the time of construction. This is unusual given the fact that the job was a general construction bid and not a construction manager at risk bid.




on procuring modular options for glazing and quality alternative finishes.




CFO John Patterson spent in the business to say this Volvo renovation is by far the most stunning he’s seen.



“EDiS was able to effectively communicate with all resulting in no delays or errors at any time during the project. I would highly recommend EDiS for automobile renovation image projects or any project that requires very detailed compliance with a design plan. All subs were excellent to work with and delivered on schedule and at quality level we desired. The work site was kept clean and neat which was good for our customer appearance and safety. Job finished on time and under budget.”

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Volvo Design Architect:

SDA Partnership

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Architectural Alliance Inc

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Steinle Construction Engineers


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