Friends You Can Count On: Public Art Installation at the Bear Library

By Melissa Rysak, CPSM • October 16, 2018 • 2 MIN READ

Living up to the EDiS Legacy means staying with our clients and projects long after their projects are completed. When EDiS renovated the Bear Library in Bear, Delaware, in 2012, we became a part of the Bear community. That responsibility stayed with us. So, when Friends of Bear Library (FOBL) Board Member Carol Harrington reached out in 2018 to ask for help, EDiS was there to assist.

We are extremely grateful for the care that your company provided, both in construction and placement of the wind sculptures and for the interest in our project and the Bear community. Special thanks to Rob Belfiore for his excellent advice and his help in a delivery emergency. – Carol B. Harrington, Board Member, Friends of the Bear Library

The Friends of the Bear Library purchased three kinetic wind sculptures by world-renowned artist, Lyman Whitaker, and donated them to the library. Knowing they would need assistance with the engineering documents, permits, and installation, the FOBL reached out to EDiS Vice President for Preconstruction Planning, Rob Belfiore, to help them gain the approvals they needed to proceed. Rob did them one better – he brought in reinforcements in the form of Senior Superintendent Joe Pedicone and Superintendent John Paulson to help FOBL with the permitting and installation of the sculptures. EDiS donated their services, and Rob even threw in some emergency logistical services when the delivery of the sculptures did not go as planned.

The EDiS team was happy to be able to continue building what matters in Bear!

Goals of Kinetic Art Project:

  • Make a statement to all visitors that the transfer and sharing of culture and knowledge is a dynamic process embedded not solely in objects created to reside on a shelf or in digital space, but also in physical works of art and craft.
  • Provide artwork that is distinctive and world-class, and that will fascinate library patrons of all ages.
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing installation of kinetic art that harmonizes with the architecture and spirit of the Bear Library.
  • Create an example for other developers, property managers, businesses, institutions, clubs, and organizations to follow in the Bear Area. Encourage them to include quality public art at their facilities – enriching the experience of their patrons, employees, residents, members, visitors, and the community with art.