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Delivering the Promise of Hope: Route 9 Library & Innovation Center

By Melissa Rysak, CPSM • October 15, 2018

For the 16,000 people living in the three-mile stretch between Wilmington and New Castle, Delaware, a local library seemed like a fairy tale. But like all the best fairy tales, this one has a happy ending. After years of planning and promises, the Route 9 Library & Innovation Center has become a reality for the corridor, and the spark designed to ignite the revitalization of a long-underserved community.

The Route 9 Library & Innovation Center is so much more than a library. It is a new lease on life for a community that needed a jumpstart on revitalization. New Castle County officials are hoping that the Center will live up to its potential as a vehicle to promote the possibilities of the corridor between Wilmington and New Castle, and as a center for the local community to grow from.

While books take center stage in the 43,000-square foot facility, the Center is so much more than a library. Dozens of computers, a full-service kitchen with a café, a theater, and specialized educational rooms are just part of the inclusions designed with seniors and those with special needs in mind.

When it comes to programming, New Castle County did its homework, finding opportunities to partner with local schools and non-profits to find ways to serve the community. The Center’s learning spaces will be used for everything from science, technology, and engineering education to parenting sessions and programs designed to help the community interact with the court and legal system. The Center will also provide programs on resume building, interview skills, and job hunting.

EDiS Company was so proud to play a part in delivering this important building to the community. No better example of Building What Matters!

“Growing up I would walk past the project site all the time, which was just an empty lot, wondering if it could ever be something great,” said Michael Buck, Assistant Superintendent. “Seeing this new library take the place of that vacant lot has been a long time coming. As a member of the local community that this library was built to serve, I am so pleased to have had the chance to work on it.”


© Mark Herboth Photography LLC

© Mark Herboth Photography LLC

Route 9 Library & Innovation Center