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Breathing New Life Into a Landmark

By Brian DiSabatino • October 10, 2018

This weekend marks a milestone for Howard High School of Technology, part of the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District, and EDiS Company. We will celebrate together as Howard High School is rededicated, showcasing the new life that has been given to this historical gem.

New Castle County Vocational Technical School District has a long and rich heritage dating back to 1867, when it first opened as Public School No. 16.  The five-room building at 12th and Orange Streets in Wilmington was dedicated to educating Black children in the community. Two years later, it was formally named in honor of General Oliver Otis Howard, who was a Civil War General. The school has been in continuous operation for 150 years, and was named a National Historic Landmark in 2005. It moved six blocks east to its present location on 12th Street in 1927, when the Neoclassic-style, 23-room main building and auxiliary annex were built with a gift from Pierre S. DuPont.


In 1935, the Annex almost doubled in size with the addition of several first and second floor classrooms. The Main Building and Annex have both undergone several renovations over the last 90 years, and became a patchwork of repairs and Band-Aids.

EDiS Company served as the Construction Manager for the 110,500-square foot phased renovations of the historic 1927 Main Building and Annex for Howard. Renovations have addressed code, fire/life safety, roof and program requirements including a complete historic renovation of both buildings and a full replacement of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

There are few honors like this. As a company in our 110th year, we have paralleled Howard’s rich history. Sometimes school cultures dissolve over time. We’ve witnessed Howard’s get stronger. The result at Howard is downright stunning.  We’re humbled to have played a role in bringing this fine campus back to its rightful place of prominence, in the center of education and at the center of the community.