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PApril 16, 2019

EDiS Returns to Rodney Square

“It’s time to restore this grand public square to not only its original glory, but to go beyond that vision to one that will improve the square and allow its upkeep to be more manageable while making the square itself more beautiful, attractive and useful.”  -Wilmington Mayor Michael Purzycki

Downtown Wilmington’s Rodney Square is getting a major makeover and EDiS Company, who performed a successful revitalization of the same space in 1992, is once again one of the guiding hands on this major public works project. Erected in 1921, Rodney Square serves as a public gathering space located at the heart of Delaware’s biggest metropolitan area. For years there has been a call to revive the green space, transforming it into a more community-based location where accessibility and usability are first and foremost. Among the coming changes, the exciting revitalizations include a revision of the stonework and paving in and around the Square, improved drainage and irrigation structures, updated lighting and electrical equipment, the introduction of a relaxing, illuminated fountain, new benches and tables, as well as a host of rejuvenating trees, shrubs, and green expanses.

Preserving downtown Wilmington’s business community and pedestrian safety will be at the heart of the team’s mission throughout this renovation, and extra steps are being taken to guarantee the ecosystem of public life is not disrupted during the construction phase of this multi-level, multi-year project. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2011, Rodney Square is an important piece of Delaware’s history; one that EDiS dutifully honors and seeks to preserve. Mitigating our impact on daily commuters and immediate-area constituents is among the top priorities during the renovation, a goal reinforced by EDiS’ refined and considerate pre-planning process.

Realizing the potential of downtown Wilmington as a tourist destination, transforming Rodney Square into the community hub it was initially erected to serve as is a dream EDiS takes great pride and dedication in championing. The goal of this project is to make downtown Wilmington the destination rather than a stop along the way. Working closely with and listening to the community and its leaders, EDiS is proud to again take part in raising our city’s profile and revamping its public spaces to answer the needs of its citizens, visitors, and businesses.

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