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Rodney Square on the Road to Revitalization

By Melissa Rysak, CPSM • December 30, 2019

EDiS Company is well under way on the major makeover of Downtown Wilmington’s Rodney Square. The project is part of an initiative designed to revamp the city’s profile and public spaces to answer the needs of its citizens, visitors, and businesses. The revitalizations include a revision of the stonework and paving in and around the Square, improved drainage and irrigation structures, updated lighting and electrical equipment, new benches and tables, as well as a host of rejuvenating trees, shrubs, and green expanses.

The site is already bustling with activity, and many of the updates can already been seen. Construction is under way on the pads for the concrete foundations for the sub-terranean fountain equipment vaults and tanks, which are being installed to support the interactive water feature being built into the revitalized Square. Select site demolition including fence removal and demolition of the utility building have been completed, and construction is under way for two new utility buildings.

Mitigating the impact on daily commuters and immediate-area constituents is among the top priorities during the renovation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this landmark project!

A day-time rendering of Rodney Square