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WSFS Bank Regional Headquarters

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Everett Theatre

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Bear Public Library

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Hawker Beechcraft at the New Castle County Airport

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AMPI Pencader Data Center

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Ships Tavern Parking Garage

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Cozen O'Connor

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Case Study

Dover Library

Public Building

Through the implementation of our signature process PlanCheck, EDiS was able to address potential change orders beforehand to make the total change orders for the project less than 1%, compared to the industry standard of 4%.

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Your building is an asset. We are experts in planning, building and operating that asset. We approach the Plan Phase with our eye for operations. We approach the Build Phase in a similar way. And, we are prepared to operate your facility on your behalf if our service can help you better focus on your organization’s needs.

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EDiS provides customers with a continuum of services from site selection to design and budget analysis, through construction and facility occupancy.
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Commercial Office
Life Science / Healthcare

Design-build provides our clients with an integrated approach to design and construction that shortens delivery schedules, optimizes design and reduces costs.
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Meet the Family

Jeff Isbert


Jeff brings 15 years of experience in estimating and project management to EDiS as well as a vast amount of creativity and innovation. In his time at EDiS, he has completed Wilmington Public Library and has worked with our planning and building teams to help our clients needs develop into a final product. In Jeff’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his family; bringing his two daughters to hockey games, watching them grow and enjoying his time with his wife of 20 years.

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Looking for Help?

Do any of these questions describe your current situation?

Is your office outdated? Do you need an upgrade and not know where to start?

Contact us today to get your upgrade moving!

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Is your business booming? Do you need to expand to keep up, but don’t know where to start?

Our team can guide you from land development through construction.

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Do you own more land than your organization needs?

We can help you capitalize on your assets!

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Is your building old and your energy bills hurting your bottom line?

Let us analyze and calculate the ROI of infrastructure upgrades.

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Did you grow so fast you wedged new people into every available counter top and it’s impacting your productivity? Is it time to fix the problem?

We can analyze and find options to improve your productivity.

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Is your lease expiring within the next year?

Get ahead of the curve and let us analyze your options before you’re pinched for time.

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Do you need a custom facility without committing the financial capital or borrowing capacity?

Our build-to-suit delivery can provide your organization with the facility it needs without the large financial up-front investment.

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Does your organization have a multi-year capital program, but lack the internal expertise to execute the plan?

Our operations team has the experience and know-how to execute your plan flawlessly.

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Public Buildings / Non-Profit

Leveraging  development experience and relationships to guide clients through the entitlement and land development process enables growth and enhances property value.


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EDiS PlanCheck

Our method of avoiding mistakes in the beginning is specifically designed to save you money in the end.

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