Zero Accidents

The People-First Philosophy of Project Zero

By Jim Ruggiero, CSHS, CHST • February 6, 2024 • LESS THAN 5 MINUTES

At EDiS Company, we believe that the true measure of the best construction companies is in their safety & health program. At EDiS, Safety & Health is captured in two zeros: zero accidents and zero lost-hours. This belief is the foundation of our Safety & Health program, “Project Zero,” a name that reflects our goal.

Project Zero is more than a safety initiative; it’s a commitment to a people-first philosophy.

A People-First Philosophy Project Zero is built on the core belief that every person on an EDiS job site is invaluable and irreplaceable. From our employees to our subcontractors to our clients and their visitors, everyone’s safety is our top priority.

Beyond Traditional Safety & Health Measures

When we look at safety in construction, it’s almost exclusively a consequence-driven initiative, focusing primarily on compliance, regulations, and repercussions. While these are important, we took a different stance. We asked ourselves, “what might a Safety & Health program that truly put people first look like? How might it operate?”

Our answer was simple.

We emphasize positivity, ownership, collaboration, and inclusion, fostering an environment where Safety & Health is a shared responsibility and a collective achievement.

Our approach is proactive, not reactive, aiming to prevent accidents at their root cause, and before they happen.


Looking for the Root Cause

When we looked at the root causes of safety incidents and jobsite accidents, we believe they stem from inherently solvable issues, with the right kind of support. Tiredness, stress, and overwork all significantly increase the risk of accidents on site. Mental and physical health challenges, if unaddressed, can impair focus, judgement, reaction times – laying the groundwork for accidents.

Limited or incomplete training can leave workers ill-equipped to handle job specific safety, or the complexities of the construction environment. We recognize and proactively address these issues in order to create a safer, more efficient, and supportive workplace.

Partnerships for Comprehensive Employee Health

EDiS’ Well-(01)k: A whole-self wellness program designed to empower our employees around their financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.

CardioKinetics – EDiS’ partner in physical health for employees, providing screenings, tailored education, and positive support

ChristianaCare- EDiS’ partner in mental health and wellbeing for employees, providing on-demand and crisis care

At EDiS, Safety & Health is not just a program; it’s embedded in our culture. The tangible results of our efforts are seen in our exceptional safety record, the well-being of our people, and the smooth, uninterrupted progress of our projects. Project Zero is our pledge to continue this legacy of safety, proving that with the right focus and dedication, zero accidents and zero lost-hours are achievable goals.