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Summit Aviation was a project involving the construction of a 50,000 SF aircraft maintenance hangar as well as a 9,800 SF aircraft paint hangar. In addition, EDiS was also asked to construct a 10,000 SF warehouse and install a site-wide fire protection system. These were all delivered utilizing the design-build method, which allowed our company to focus on creating a shorter design period and provide heavy cost analysis and value engineering. The implementation of the design-build method permitted our client to get quick turnarounds on design changes and related budgets. The result of the application was a more integrated design that eventually provided considerable savings and created a more manageable project.


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The design of a 243-foot, column-free space, needed for maneuvering aircrafts in and out of the hangar was requested by Summit Aviation. The steel framing on this project was designed to support a five-ton, overhead crane that ran the entire span of the building. In designing this column-free area, there were added complexities with the addition of a sliding hangar door, supported off the span, as well as a dynamic fall restraint system designed into the building. In addition, the structure was enclosed with the Butler MR-24 standing seam roof system, which is able to move with the wind, snow, and dead-load considerations as well as thermal expansion without leaking. The EDiS Building Systems division has an elaborate history providing various building solutions like this; however, the size of this clear span was the largest in the division’s thirty-year history at the time.


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"The hangar and warehouse facilities presented definite challenges for EDiS considering the use of the building would require large, open spaces in the structures. Regardless of the challenges they faced, EDiS performed exceptionally within our time constraints and budget. Throughout the construction, EDiS Company proved to be dedicated to every part of the process. In the long run, EDiS was even able to stretch our budget of 8.9 million to cover our company's changing needs."

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