When additional space became available on the 12th floor of 1201 N. Market Street in Wilmington, Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited (NEIL) took the opportunity to expand their space. EDiS Company had previously fit out their existing 11th and 12th floor spaces. With this third project, NEIL incorporated an additional 4,500 SF of space into their 12th floor office. The new space included additional offices, upgrades to some existing offices, and a new conference room. NEIL’s existing 12th floor space was occupied during the renovations, so temporary walls for construction separation had to be installed. In between the major renovation projects, the EDiS team was on-call to assist with minor design tweaks and small aesthetic changes that kept NEIL’s space looking great and operating at its best.


Mitchell Associates

Consulting Engineer

Blake & Vaughan Engineering Inc.


4,500 SF


Conference Room
Interior Renovation
Occupied Space