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Summit Aviation

Hangar 8 – 50,000 sf

Paint Hangar – 10,000 sf

Cold Storage Warehouse – 10,000 sf

New Construction

Moonlight Architecture, Inc.

“EDiS met and exceeded our expectations. They built the new hangar, well and tank to support the fire suppression system, paint booth hangar, an addition to our cold storage warehouse, the new facility entrance and a taxiway extension all within our budget and time constraints and with an exceptional level of quality. EDiS has great depth and knowledge. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Robert Fitzpatrick, President - Summit Aviation

EDiS tackled a complex design-build project to meet and exceed Summit Aviation’s expectations for cost, schedule and quality. The team structured a shorter design period, provided heavy cost analysis and value engineering and incorporated pre-engineered Butler buildings through the Building Systems Division. The outcome provided Summit with expanded resources to fulfill increased demand for aviation and maintenance service work.