EDiS Culture

Culture of Giving Is Not Just a Catch Phrase at EDiS

By Paul Ignudo • February 11, 2016 • 2 MIN READ

EDiS has always been a great place to work, but it is more than that. It is truly a caring group of individuals; a family that goes above and beyond for others. My co-workers have volunteered time and/or raised money for many, many charitable organizations: from breast cancer and kidney walks, to soldier suicide prevention, to the Boy and Girl Scouts, to Dancing with the Delaware Stars for the Boys and Girls Club, to coaching various sports teams, to assisting those with special needs, to donating to help the homeless, to collecting toys for the less fortunate during the holiday season. There are way too many activities for me to list here but, believe me, the list is extensive.

For over 100 years, EDiS has had strong ties to the local community. The leadership emphasizes to all of us that we should give back. It is imprinted on EDiS’ DNA. The executive leadership definitely leads by example. The company sponsors the EDiS Institute which offers attendees a morning of exciting speakers. Its goal is to raise money for vocational technical education. Two company- sponsored scholarships are offered to college students. These efforts are the most visible, but the company supports and donates to the many causes in which our employees are involved.

However, the company does not stop there. EDiS allows us to do many things that help the community as a matter of course during our workday. These things are so ingrained in our culture that we sometimes take them for granted! In the Estimating Department, for example, we regularly help a non-profit organization develop a scope and budget for a dream project they may have. We will spend time visiting their facility and help them work through a needs analysis. We then walk through with the designer (if there is one) and help survey the space. Ultimately an estimate is developed that they can use as a budget for fundraising efforts. All of this work is done at no cost to them, but with the hope that it will help a community organization. I am always excited to hear from Brian or Rick DiSabatino that I need to meet with someone at a non-profit or service group to help them estimate the cost of some much needed work to improve their facility and service. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it leads to future work for EDiS, but it is clear to me that this is not the motivation for doing this.

It is gratifying to work for a company that is not only very good at what it does as a business, but is also very good at what it does to support the community.