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An Alliance Forged For Vets And Beyond

By Nick Michael • November 13, 2019 • 2 MIN READ

On Nov. 16, EDiS CEO Brian DiSabatino and the University of Delaware Senior Associate Athletic Director Jennifer Judy welcomed EDIS Salute to Service Honorees during the official Salute to Service and Seats for Soldiers UD game. The honorees, members of the Veterans and College Athletes Together program (VCAT), support the Health Sciences wellness initiative to pair veterans and athletes for workouts and wellness classes. The game capped off a successful season that connected military members and organizations to the local community. The University of Delaware, as well as EDIS, stand behind them.

EDiS and UD are currently partnering on renovations to Delaware Stadium, and standing together has also helped them to increase their support of the community at large. This alliance has culminated with the the Salute to Service and Seats for Soldiers programs. Both EDiS and UD recognize the importance of working together to accomplish a common goal. It is through this process that some of our greatest work can be achieved. EDiS looks forward to working with UD far into the future, building what matters on and off the field.

Salute to Service and Seats for Soldiers are just some of the ways EDiS is supporting our military and military families. It is our continued goal to find more ways to establish this mission of support. Other initiatives, such as VetFest hosted at the Town of Whitehall, provide yet another way to celebrate and support veterans. For information regarding how you can aid this cause, click the 22in22 link to see how to support or to donate.