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Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2023

March 8, 2023 • 2 MIN READ

What all of the people at EDiS Company have in common is a passion to build. We are an accumulation of people – a family – who is dedicated to building excellence – whether in construction or in the community. As an integral part of this family, the women of EDiS are always working to propel our company and industry to the next level. In celebrating Women in Construction Week, we asked some of our own what their favorite construction project was and why over the past few years.

Senior Project Manager Martha White:

“I like projects in businesses that are new to me because I get to learn about how they operate. I enjoy the puzzle that is how EDiS can weave our way into and around their business to be ‘a help’. Additionally, I like repeat business. Many of our clients have become business friends and it is nice to learn how they have grown and how we can continue to assist them with their renovation needs.”

Estimator Jacqueline DiSabatino:

“One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on recently is the Whitehall Wellness Center and ChristianaCare fit-out. It is a special project, especially this week due to our women-driven team. I worked under Project Manager Sara Leon, who I learned so much from on a daily basis. She taught me how to manage projects on time, on task, and on budget. I also enjoyed working alongside Administrative Assistant Jackie McKee, who made sure to keep us on track on the administrative side, and Accounting Clerk Rhonda Burg, who kept accounting up to date. Everyone worked so seamlessly as a team, and it made the project enjoyable and a truly valuable learning experience. In addition to the EDiS team, we also had a female architect, Ryan Clark, from Architectural Alliance and client Anne Skibicki from ChristianaCare. It is great seeing this shift in what used to be a predominantly male industry.” 

Estimator Eileen Brown:

“I have loved working on projects for the Appoquinimink School District. They are near and dear to me as a mother who lives in the area where these projects are located. Being part of a team that creates and brings to life these facilities for our children is very rewarding. I’m looking forward to continuing our relationship with the district and providing the community with these projects.”

BIM Technician Lorin Strawbridge:

“I would say that my favorite project that I’ve worked on would be Silver Lake Elementary. I’ve learned a lot from this project and surprised myself with how quick our team was able to get work done in such a short amount of time. We spent a majority of the time getting the Revit file set up and a workflow going and it just made the rest easy to pick up. Getting the workflow down is going to help us even more on our future projects to save time for the client and help us focus on the actual model more.”

(BIM Services Virtual 3-D Model of the new Silver Lake Elementary School)