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Summer Internship

2021 Intern Experience

By Nick Michael • October 26, 2021 • 3 MIN

While 2021 has been a challenging year, the EDiS team safely engaged six talented and enthusiastic interns this summer. The interns’ experiences ran the gamut, from learning about estimating and marketing to receiving hands-on training at several construction sites. Each intern was guided by professionals within the company, gaining valuable work experience in project management, estimating, marketing, and field supervision. While making these personal connections and developing themselves as individuals, the interns became a part of the EDiS family.

We asked the interns what they took away from their experiences this summer. Each intern learned a valuable set of skills that will carry over into their careers. We can’t wait to see where their future will take them. Good luck all in #buildingwhatmatters!

Ryan Pala
Senior, Delaware Technical
Community College
I am excited to apply the knowledge and skills
I learned at the N.K.S. Distributors project
in my future career. I studied the process
of tilt-up construction and gained a wealth
of knowledge while working with Senior
Superintendent Mike Frick.

Ray Stewart
Senior, Williamson College of the Trades,
A few key points I’ll take away from my
experience as an intern for EDiS are a greater
understanding of construction phases and
the importance of construction schedules. I
also learned the importance of adaptability in
the field and discussed different personalities
and styles of work. Overall, being exposed to
the construction field this early in my career
has prepared me for success in the future.
Thank you, EDiS.

Josh Patrick
Junior, University of Delaware
During my time at EDiS working with the
estimating department, I’ve received a lot of
insight on the process involved with the start
of each project. I’ve been shown reviews of
drawings and specs of job sites and taken
physical tours of these sites. Through this, I’ve
gained an understanding for how previously
completed projects help to place tangible
values on abstract plans. I’ve also come to
appreciate how critical well-built relationships
and solid communication is when evaluating
partnerships for a job.

Jeferson Varela
Senior, Delaware Technical
Community College
The most important thing I learned during my
time at EDiS is the importance of communication
between all parties involved with a project.
There are always going to be challenges on
projects, but good communication will drive
the project forward to successful completion.
I was also able to learn new skills and put
them in practice during my time at the Silver
Lake Elementary School job site. I am very
fortunate to have been able to intern with EDiS
because I was able to learn how they maintain
a high-quality standard, good relationships with
clients, and safety on job sites.

Anthony Umeroglu
Senior, Williamson College of the Trades,
I’ve had a great experience as an intern with
EDiS. I’m hoping to be able to use everything
I’ve learned from my internship to make me a
great superintendent in the future. There’s a lot
you learn in the field that you can’t learn in any
class and being an intern for EDiS this summer
has given me a good chance to see that.

Jake Savage
Graduated, University of Delaware
I learned a lot during my time in the marketing
department and will take these experiences
with me in my future endeavors. I refined
my editing skills through plenty of project
write-ups, honed my organizational skills
with file and contact upkeep, and learned
the WordPress website management tool.
Working at EDiS was enlightening, and I’m
thankful for the opportunity.