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The Hidden Costs of Building: Total Building Operating Costs

Here is an interesting piece of information: 10% of a building’s lifetime cost is in the construction budget; 90% of the total cost of a building ownership is in the operating cost.

All building developers share the goal of building a cost-effective, energy-efficient building that will have low maintenance costs and extended service life for many years. Focusing not just on the initial cost to build but instead on total building operating cost has been proven to pay dividends. The use of a systems construction, pre-engineered building solution helps to achieve that goal.

Butler buildings are designed to optimize a building’s framing and enveloping systems. In addition, through Butler’s advanced research and testing, they have developed cost-effective and energy -efficient roof and wall systems. In addition, beyond the Butler offering, EDiS can provide other wall systems solutions that include panelized, thermally efficient wall framing systems to fiber-reinforced cement panel systems with a variety of architectural finishes. Finally, maintenance and replacement costs are significantly lower with these products than they are with conventional components. And these products are more sustainable with a high percentage of the components being made from recycled materials.

So, when it is time to build, basing your decisions solely on the construction budget can be very shortsighted. Building owners are finding that making smart choices in their initial investment pays off over the life of their building. Collaborating with EDiS in the early planning stages of the building process can pay true dividends.