J.D. Bartlett


Operations Manager

Possessing a unique combination of experience as an engineer, designer, architect, and project manager, J.D. has an integral understanding of the multiple levels a project undergoes from start to finish. His resume features two decades of experience in the planning, design, and construction industry. His career has contributed to hundreds of projects totaling over half a billion dollars in construction costs. Most of his professional experience has come as a consulting architect/engineer where he actively served clients as the lead for programming and implementation of programmatic objectives into spaces, the bulk of which was focused on educational facilities. Now, J.D. does it all, managing business development and a multitude of projects across the tri-state area.

Favorite Moments

The moments when he is able to see his kids making an impact in the lives of others.

Favorite Dog

His own of course! Brindle secretly calls the shots at home.

Favorite People

J.D. pictured with wife Meghan, daughter Kaileigh, and son Connor.

Favorite Hobby

J.D. has been coaching youth and high school baseball & wrestling since 1998.

Words of Meaning

"You lose, you smile, you come back the next day. You win, you smile, you come back the next day."

Ken Griffey, Jr.


Erik Fay, PE


Paul Ignudo