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Director of Safety and Health

Jim Ruggiero, CSHS, CHST

The well-being of our team, contractors, and members of the public is a priority, so we strive to be injury free every day. People are counting on us to come home at the end of each day… that is all the reason we need to put safety first. 

p: (302) 893-4973
e:  jruggiero@ediscompany.com
PMay 9, 2017

EDiS Stands Down for Safety

This week, May 8 – 12th 2017, once again marks OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to prevent falls in construction. A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary…

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EMR Rates

0.823 – 2018

0.841 – 2017

0.857 – 2016

0.889 – 2015

0.899 – 2014


PMay 19, 2017

A Culture of Respect

At EDiS, we look at every single day as a celebration of safety. When a son, husband, dad, brother, sister, mom, or daughter returns through the…

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Zero Accidents

This is our systematic approach to analyzing, creating and overseeing each project-specific safety management plan with the goal of managing all jobs with Zero Accidents.

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