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Whitehall is a 1,000 acre development, made up of three mixed use villages. Set along the C & D Canal, this development could change the way we plan and develop land in Delaware for generations to come.  EDiS and it’s partners have worked since 2003 to build value on this property while creating a legacy for the community.  This legacy includes a road system that reduces the need for vehicular traffic by 20 million miles annually.  This legacy includes a focus on the environment and good land use practices.  This legacy includes featuring architectures as a method to develop a strong sense of “place”.  And this legacy includes collaboration between federal, state, county and local governments to make this project a reality.

Whitehall will be a place that honors and caters to everyday life, with new homes and businesses of all types and sizes on friendly, tree-lined streets. Where a stroll down the block will take you just about anywhere you need to go. To school. To friends. To canal trails. To the park. To stores and offices at just the right scale and character for our emerging town.

For more information, check out www.thetownofwhitehall.com