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Artisans’ Bank


63,000 sf





“I would like to again express our appreciation to the EDiS construction management team on this project. They were always prepared to handle any situation and the level of cooperation and communication with our Management was outstanding. After many years and several projects with EDiS, we have come to appreciate the pride EDiS’ associates take in their job and their company, which is evident by their dedication to do the right thing and get things done.”

Stephen C. Nelson, President & CEO - Artisans’ Bank

Artisans’ Bank utilized the full services of all six EDiS divisions to deliver their new headquarters building in Wilmington, DE. Artisans’ turned an 11-acre site into the Little Falls IV Corporate Office Center. From site selection, land planning, and design to pre-construction and construction, interior fit-out, and small capital maintenance needs, EDiS was Artisans’ one stop for this successful turnkey project. A true example of Plan, Build, Operate.