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Plan for extraordinary.

It is important to us that our customers understand the ramifications that site selection, programming, design and building systems will have on subsequent decisions and choices.

By planning ahead in every area, EDiS is able to help our customers better understand the full extent of what is involved, so good decisions are made each step of the way. To reach a level of extraordinary, we plan for it.

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”   ~Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin was not talking specifically about the expansion, renovation or construction of your facility to meet the current or future demands of your business, but he should have been. EDiS’ services and processes are designed to identify and mitigate unnecessary challenges by executing detailed and meticulous planning before the first shovel hits the ground.

Site Selection

Your organization’s strategy will drive the need to analyze your existing site or to contemplate potential new sites. As the site selection leader or team member, we have the knowledge and experience to help your organization identify and analyze land or building purchases as well as leased space options. Our focus is always on matching your organization’s needs with the assets available while identifying potential challenges to be considered in the important site selection process.

Entitlement and Permitting

Navigating the regulatory environment, including land development approval and/or permitting, can be time consuming and challenging. With millions of square feet of buildings in our portfolio, we have learned the dos and don’ts of this process and are prepared to help you gain your approvals as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Facility Financial Analysis

The key to executing any organization’s facility improvement program is to analyze the financial impact of the investment on the organization. From helping our customers budget capital requirements to developing an operational budget, it is critical to bring experience to the table. Our land development, design, budgeting, construction, and facilities management experience and our network of financial experts provide you with an experienced team to guide you through the maze.

Pre-Leasing Advice, Test-Fitting & Project Budgeting

If your organization is looking to relocate or expand into additional space, it is important to analyze three important items: lease terms, space efficiency (test-fitting) and capital requirements. All three areas are imperative to your decision.

Lease Negotiation Management

Sometimes it is good to have a knowledgeable partner by your side during lease negotiations. Our understanding of the market and the financial impact on your business means we can be that partner.

Design Management

Many of our clients hire EDiS first.  In some cases we are asked to provide the design and sometimes we are asked to recommend a design firm. Whether we are the design/builder or we are managing a third party design team the objective is the same.  We ensure the design team stays on schedule and your team provides them with the information they need to stay on track. Combining this service with our scheduling, budgeting and other Plan phase services means you project will be successfully completed.


Our GreenSense program was developed to create a customized approach to meeting your organization’s goals and objectives for sustainability. From energy efficiency to environmental stewardship, EDiS provides you with the educated and experienced perspective to make the best choices.


From napkin sketches to detailed three-dimensional design documents, countless private and public organizations rely on our estimating team to provide accurate budgets and cash flow forecasts. This information is used to obtain financing and create capital improvement budgets. Our budgeting information withstands the test of time and is accurate years after it was created.


Many organizations underestimate the amount of time a project can take from the beginning of design through occupancy. Our operations team works with you from project inception to create a realistic schedule that includes critical milestones so the entire project team understands the importance and impact of meeting deadlines.

Quality Assurance

Each organization has requirements that are specific to their project. In the Plan phase, we work with you and the design team to establish clear Owner Project Requirements (OPR) to be certain your specific needs are met. Understanding and incorporating your specific OPRs into the design is critical to a successful project. OPRs can be straightforward or very complex depending on your organization’s needs.


One of the most undervalued services we provide is our bidding services. Bid strategies are created as the design progresses to account for the project budget, schedule and market conditions. The implementation, marketing and analysis of your project to trade contractors is critical to receiving the best pricing for your budget on bid day.