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Build for success.

It’s now time to build! During construction, we know the importance of keeping our customers on track for success by safeguarding against any interruption to their business and building goals.

A fundamental concept in this phase is “management.” EDiS manages everything from cost and quality control to subcontractors and schedules, to safety through closeout and commissioning.

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During the Build phase we maintain the budget, quality and schedule that was developed in the Plan phase.

Quality Control

During the Plan phase of your project, the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) were established and built into the design. During the Build phase, EDiS’ team coordinates and works with consultants and testing agencies to ensure the OPRs are met. EDiS Pre-Install is one of our proactive processes that helps us guarantee quality construction.

Subcontractor Management

Regardless of the delivery method used, EDiS manages the subcontractors in each trade category. This includes trade coordination, scheduling manpower, design questions, quality control, submission processing, safety and closeout.

Schedule Management

During the Plan phase of your project we establish the schedule for the project. During the Build phase we work with your organization, the design team, subcontractors, material suppliers, consultants, inspectors, municipalities and state/federal agencies to be sure the project completion date is maintained.

Cost Management

EDiS’ cost management services deliver accurate invoicing, change order management, risk mitigation and most importantly, we keep your organization informed about the financial aspects of your project. This includes change order analysis and management, invoice compilation, review and approval, and cash flow reporting.

Safety Management

From our leadership team to each member of the construction team, our goal on every project is to send everyone home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived. The commitment of a full-time Safety Manager and the implementation of a project-specific safety plan on every project are the keys to attaining this goal. Proper safety management mitigates claims, schedule delays and cost increases.

Closeout & Commissioning Management

Our team will deliver a fully operational building that has been commissioned to meet the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) set in the Plan phase. Depending on the OPR, this includes, O&M manuals, as-built documents, testing/commissioning reports, training, attic stock and extended warranties.