Summer Internship

Intern Spotlight – Mauricio Barrera-Tapia

September 11, 2020

Mauricio Barrera-Tapia, Senior, The Pennsylvania State University – Harrisburg Campus.

Assignment: Appoquinimink School District – Fairview Campus

Most valuable thing you learned as an EDiS Intern: The most valuable thing that I took away from this internship at EDiS would have to be that there has to be strong communication between the multiple working parties at a project. Communication is important to have between the contractors and management especially in a larger project where miscommunication could easily occur. Something that I can take away from EDiS Company itself is that they have a very strong sense of community. Through my time here as an intern I have come to see how just about everyone in the company knows each other and they try to bring everyone together outside of work. This, I believe, is a great take away from this company and would definitely make me want to return.