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Asset Management Alliance: Maintaining Properties so Businesses Can Thrive

January 25, 2023 • 2 MIN READ

Created as a joint venture between Bellevue Holding Company and EDiS Company in 1983, Asset Management Alliance (AMA), a division of EDiS, is a property management company that bridges the gap between real estate and construction management. Seeing an opportunity in the transition from the construction phase to the usage phase of a project, AMA was created to manage day-to-day operations, maintenance, accounting, and more, for facility owners throughout Delaware. Through strong, lasting business ties dating back to AMA’s inception as well as newly-developed relationships, AMA’s portfolio continues to grow thanks to word-of-mouth recommendation and a solid reputation of consistency.

With 22 properties requiring constant, agile management of everything from building systems to budget management, the AMA team focuses on its core mission: managing the property so the client can manage their business. Through decades of listening to client needs, AMA quickly realized that owning and operating a business in combination with owning and operating the building it is situated in is a daunting task, but one that doesn’t need to be faced alone. Taking the opportunity to lighten the client’s burden, the AMA team forged success through maximizing the effectiveness of the properties they manage while implementing new and necessary services designed to improve the operational efficiency in each building.

So, what’s next for Asset Management Alliance? In recent years, the company has seen a few new faces in its ranks and aims to continue growing in size and scope. Property Manager Rachael Odle, who transitioned into her role in 2015 from within the company, remains adamant about AMA’s goal to make the most out of each budget she manages. “It’s not about how much we can come in under budget each quarter, but how we can squeeze every dollar to better serve the property owner, increase building longevity, and ensure efficiency wherever possible.”

AMA Offers:

  • Commercial Property & Facility Management
  • Engineering & Maintenance
  • Professional Condominium Associations
  • Full-Service Administration
  • Property Management Accounting
  • Facilities Consulting
  • Inspections & Testing

For more information on how Asset Management Alliance can help your business, please call (302) 655-2100 or visit their website: