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PFebruary 15, 2011

What Do Babysitters & Builders Have in Common?

If you have children, undoubtedly you have had the need for a babysitter. No matter the reason, you have had to make a very important decision ā€“ Who will watch them?

When you searched for the right person did you open the yellow pages, call the first four you saw, ask for pricing and then sign-up with the low cost provider? I am guessing not.

I would guess, much like my wife and I, you asked friends, family and neighbors for referrals, had face-to-face interviews and called several references (yes, as new parents we were crazy!). All things considered, Iā€™d bet your final decision came down to one word, trust.urlWhy do we do this? Our children are a part of us and therefore very important. We will be responsible for their well being for at least the first 18-25 years of their life. How they are raised and their experiences along the way will play a large role in who they are and how they act.

Much like your children, your business can be greatly impacted by whom you choose to watch over and manage the construction or renovation of your place of business.

  • Your business is a part of you.
  • An investment in your facility will put your business in a position to stay put for many years to come.
  • The quality of the work will impact the headaches, maintenance and long-term value of your facility.
  • Your facility can have a direct impact on the attitude, productivity, creativity and overall happiness of your workforce.
  • Most importantly, much like our children, your facility will be a direct reflection of your business to your customer and colleagues.

Lesson Learned: Choose your builder with the same perspective as when you choose your babysitter and find someone you can trust to look out for what is important to you and your business


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