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PJanuary 5, 2011

What $40 Can Do!

In July of last year I received an ugly surprise when I received my water bill. I took a look at my toilets and discovered that one of them had developed a leak. So I made a trip to Home Depot to pick up a new flush valve system. While picking out the new flush valve I found that they had a retrofit kit to change any standard 2-piece toilet into a dual flush system. Being the new green commissioner I just had to give it a try. At $40, it cost double what a standard flush valve kit does, but I figured the water savings would make up for the initial price. It could not be easier to install. Even a technically incompetent person like myself was able to install the valve in around an hour. It worked like a dream. My main concern when installing this was that my guests would not understand and use the wrong flush option and cause a clog, but the flush lever is built so the standard, strong flush is if you push down on the lever and the weaker flush is when you pull up on the lever. I have already seen the savings in my last water bill so I made a quick trip back to the Home Depot and bought another one to replace in my upstairs bathroom. For anyone who wants to both conserve water and save some money on their water bill, I would advise you to run to your local hardware store and buy one of your own.


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