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PMarch 24, 2017

There’s Hope!

That was the first thought I had when the students from Ursuline Academy’s Innovation and Technology class started asking questions. So much is made of this younger generation, and how they are so different from the generations before them. I knew that when these students visited our office, we would have to engage them. They were coming in to learn more about construction technology and virtual building modeling using our laser scanner and BIM software. Students today were raised with technology, so we knew this could not be your typical PowerPoint presentation.

These kids were awesome. They asked such great questions, and were really interested in what they were hearing. It was great to see their excitement and energy, and their willingness to learn. Coming from an all-girls school, they were of course interested in whether construction was still a male-dominated industry, and I told them honestly that while there are some really, really smart women in construction (I work with a bunch of them at EDiS!), there are not enough of them. I hope that their generation can be the one that changes that.

After sharing our work with them, and seeing their level of curiosity and excitement, it really hit home for me that at EDiS we don’t just build buildings – we impact the future for our clients. We are about to embark on a really cool project at Ursuline to transform a former convent into a new Student Life Center, and becoming a part of their community is an important key to understanding who the students are.

Look forward to great things to come for these students, for Ursuline, and for EDiS!


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