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PAugust 22, 2013

The Intern Experience: At EDiS We Are…

“At EDiS we are…” These were the first four words that I heard at EDiS Company when I started my internship here for the summer of 2013. The other interns and myself were assigned a project: figure out how to end this statement. We have traveled to jobs sites all over Delaware to get an idea of what EDiS Company was all about and what it meant to all of the companies employees. We have heard many different opinions on how people would end the statement.

Click Here to watch the intern project video “At EDiS We Are…”

EDiS strongly places 10 values as the standard for everyone, whether they are in the office or out on the job site. They are: Accountability, Teamwork, Consistency, Communication, Integrity, People, Quality, Reliability, Support of Our Customers’ Interests and, most importantly, “Placing the Customer at the Center of Everything We Do”.

21415_644506362228105_205779962_nAfter being a part of the EDiS team for only two months, I have seen all of these values and great pride in every employee that I worked with. They truly are a family company, not only because of the DiSabatino’s ability to keep the company in the family for generations, but because they invite everyone to become a part of their family. I had the opportunity to working directly under Project Managers, Mark Grunza and Andy Hickey, and they are the best teachers I have had. I was able to help them with many aspects on multiple jobs, and any time that I would be confused on a task, they would gladly take the time to help me correct my mistakes and increase my knowledge and skill level. Through them, I have been growing in more ways than anyone could in a classroom.

1002848_646355508709857_1650739310_n“At EDiS, we are opportunity.” I strongly believe that EDiS is opportunity and that everyone associated has an opportunity, not just employees. For owners, they have the opportunity of having a premium quality facility built, and they know that EDiS will keep their best interest in mind. For contractors, they have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with EDiS and will be given more opportunities in the future.  Employees have the opportunity to never stop moving forward. There are no limits for a company that will allow an employee to become who they want to be. There is no direct and certain path which one must follow, but there are multiple that anyone may take. For me, opportunity has been everywhere. I have had the opportunity to work for a greatly respected company and work with some outstanding people. I have had the opportunity to get a taste of every part of EDiS and know what it feels like to be a part of their family. I can tell you that, in all confidence, it feels good.  The doors that were opened for me this summer by EDiS will lead me to even greater opportunity, and I will take every care not to miss it.

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